Shimura tatsumi (1907-1980) 

is known for designing several striking bijin-ga prints towards the end of the shin hanga movement. Born in Takasaki, Gunma, Shimura’s real name was Sentaro. Shimura devoted his career entirely to Nihonga, or Japanese style painting.

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december 3, 2010: “the interloper”

I actually didn’t read this story. (¡Lo siento, Profe!) But from what I gathered in class, these two crazy brothers fought over this woman and determined that the logical solution was to kill her. It was kind of a critique of machismo and the objectification of women. So, here are two drawings of Juliana alive, and one dead with a quote from the story.

december 2010 borges the interloper college junior relevant thingsidrawinclass drawing doodle sketch machismo objectification woman murder

november 30, 2010: mrs. bates, i presume?

I hadn’t even watched Psycho yet, but I drew this freaky old lady. I don’t even like old people. Where did she come from?

november 2010 Hitchcock mrs. bates college junior relevant thingsidrawinclass drawing doodle sketch psycho bates old elderly woman

november 22, 2010: two women

One’s a ballerina, one’s got a pretty dress. There were three, but the third was too close to the words and was not as visually interesting.

november 2010 borges two women college junior thingsidrawinclass drawing doodle sketch woman women ballerina

september 8, 2010: not a self-portrait

Sometimes my drawings actually have something to do with what was going on in class that day! In my Jorge Luis Borges class, I would occasionally draw characters from the short story we were discussing.

“Monk Eastman, Purveyor of Iniquities” profiles a minor Irish gangster mentioned in Herbert Asbury’s 1928 book The Gangs of New York, which we all know was made into a movie. I don’t specifically remember any women in the story, but Profe showed us a clip of Gangs and I was inspired to draw an Irish-American housewife who has had it with your shenanigans. (See also the Urban Dictionary definition of “Ashley”: “a bad ass motherfucker who won’t take no shit off of nobody”). As someone with Irish heritage, I’m particularly proud of this lil lady.

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september 2010 borges not a self-portrait college junior relevant drawing sketch doodle irish woman thingsidrawinclass