Shimura tatsumi (1907-1980) 

is known for designing several striking bijin-ga prints towards the end of the shin hanga movement. Born in Takasaki, Gunma, Shimura’s real name was Sentaro. Shimura devoted his career entirely to Nihonga, or Japanese style painting.

(Source: actegratuit)

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october 6, 2010: another schoolgirl

I must have watched too much Sailor Moon as a child. Wait. There’s no such thing!

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october 2010 bio another schoolgirl college junior drawing sketch doodle japan japanese thingsidrawinclass

september 23, 2010: konnichiwa bitches

I drew a Japanese schoolgirl, Sailor Moon style, sans the slutty miniskirt.

#september #2010 #opp #konnichiwa bitches #college #junior

september 2010 spanish opp konnichiwa bitches college junior drawing sketch doodle japan japanese thingsidrawinclass

january 2005: tsuya

I’m just gonna give you the description 9th grade Ashley wrote. Sigh. Sorry I was so obnoxious.

"I drew this on the back of some English packet, it had "The Sentimentality of William Tavener" by Willa Cather on it (for the record, it sucked—-don’t read it!). Anywho, I drew this chick and edited her on the compuuuuuuuuuter. If you look reeeeeeeally close you can see the words from the English story on her kimono. ^_~"

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