september 23, 2010: futuramy

A fancy lady who ended up looking like Amy from Futurama. SHUT UP I LIKE THAT SHOW.

#september #2010 #phl #futuramy #college #junior

september 2010 phl futuramy college junior drawing sketch doodle futurama thingsidrawinclass

january 2005: tsuya

I’m just gonna give you the description 9th grade Ashley wrote. Sigh. Sorry I was so obnoxious.

"I drew this on the back of some English packet, it had "The Sentimentality of William Tavener" by Willa Cather on it (for the record, it sucked—-don’t read it!). Anywho, I drew this chick and edited her on the compuuuuuuuuuter. If you look reeeeeeeally close you can see the words from the English story on her kimono. ^_~"

#january #2005 #english #tsuya #high school #9th grade #deviantART


january 2005 english tsuya high school 9th grade deviantART drawing sketch doodle thingsidrawinclass japan japanese banana shoe futurama