what is this place? and who is this crazy girl?

I’m Ashley.

I’m a 23-year-old journalist in Upstate New York.

In school, I loved taking notes — I’m a hardcore nerd — but I got really bored in class, so I would draw in the margins or on the backs of packets or what have you.

I usually used different colors of ink for each class, and that often influenced the subjects of my drawings. For instance, Spanish was blue/green so you’ll find lots of mermaids, while philosophy was red/black so I did a series of Snow White drawings.

They aren’t great, nothing you’d put in a museum, but they amused me and my friends, so here they are.

Since these appeared in my notes for school, sometimes there are words or hole-punches in the drawings. I often leave those in for interest, especially if the text says something cool about the drawing, whether inadvertently or on purpose.

I tag each post with the date (as accurately as I can remember) it was drawn, as well as what year I was in school and in what class it was drawn. All of the tags (except the titles of the drawings) can be found on the tag, you’re it! page.


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